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It’s fun to browse and do. Video’s have turned into our new bookmarks. Once you’ve seen it, you can watch it later. For example, on a walk, we’ll watch a clip of the most interesting street we’ve come across, or a tree. We’re more likely to remember that video than the street sign, or tree. If there’s a clip of a great robot in Paris, we’ll bookmark that robot. The New Normal In the past, we were nervous to travel, to go somewhere new. We’d be concerned about getting lost, being left behind, being ripped off. Now we’re thinking about getting lost, being left behind, being ripped off. We know the city. We know the routines. This makes the experience more fun. More exciting. More creative. We are the creators of this new creative city. It’s us, those of us, who create YouTube City. We’re the most creative people in the world. We’re the most innovative and we’re the most creative city. We’re the reason we’ve built this place. Let’s keep it that way. So what’s it like in this new city? Let’s get back to that city. A city where you can always go somewhere new and get lost. A city where even when you’ve been here a while, you can still do something new. Like this: It’s said that being an entrepreneur is about being one of the “lucky few.” What’s it like to be part of this lucky few? What is being a “lucky few” and how do you become one? It’s a fast track into a fast lane. Lucky few? You’re the kind of person who always has an extra 5% going in the bank. You never let any debt rack up. Your short term savings and investments always go up in a rising tide. Having low debt and a low amount of debt means you have very little interest to pay on things like credit cards, personal loans, even mortgage and rent. You’re constantly in the income generating business of owning a home or apartment, creating, selling, and investing



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HD Online Player (Dosti Friends Forever Hd 720p Free ) daegben
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